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About Us

About Lazak Aligudarz Co.

The company was established in 2007 and started its commercial activity from the very beginning. Take the country so that twice in 1388 and 1389 as an active exporter and in 1392 and 1395 as a sample exporter has been selected by the Industry and Mining Trade Organization of Lorestan Province. In order to develop the activity and needs of domestic and foreign markets, the company purchased a complete line for the production of micronized powders, and since the year 1, with the launch of this line at the factory, it has succeeded in producing various sizes of calcium carbonate powder in 3 to 3 mesh packages. Introduce the required classification to consumers to the market.

The raw materials in the production line are supplied from the best and most high quality carbonate stones of Aligudarz region and according to the approval of industry experts, the production powders have a certain uniformity and uniformity. LASAK Aligudarz Factory Complex, together with its specialized and experienced staff, while maintaining the quality of its products, is ready to satisfy its esteemed customers by providing after-sales services.

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    Unit 901, 9th Floor, Aseman Building, Vanak St, Vanak Sq, Tehran, Iran.